José Antonio Jiménez | Chairman
CEO of Activa SpA, LarrainVial’s private equity branch, company which participates in the agribusiness, real estate, energy, forestry, mining, and industrial sectors through a variety of investment vehicles.

Currently, he is board member of Activa SpA, Inmobiliaria San Sebastián S.A., Sembrador Capital de Riesgo S.A., SCL Energía Activa S.A., Mater Fund and Minería Activa S.A.

Previously, Mr. Jiménez was CFO of Watt’s (food company), CEO of Santa Carolina winery, worker of Endesa (Power Utility) and Ladeco (airline, now part of LAN). He was also Board Member of Larraín Vial’s Asset Management for 11 years. He has a degree in Business Administration from Universidad Católica de Chile.

Ignacio Del Río | CEO

Partner of Mineria Activa since 2011. Responsible for managing private equity investments in mining for $200mm. Founding Partner of Grupo Loa managing private equity investments in industrial and mining supplier companies.

Mr. Del Rio is currently Board Director of BioLantanidos, Pampa Camarones, a copper mining company, and Marco C&I, a hydraulic and lubricant solutions provider.

Mr. Del Rio holds a MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a MSc in Civil Industrial Engineering from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile.

Andrés Susaeta |  Director

Mining engineer (Universidad de Chile) with 30+ years of experience in design and development of mining projects and environmental matters.

In addition, Mr. Susaeta has performed mining consultant duties, as a partner of NCL S.A. and IAL Ltda., specializing in underground mine design and also as a environmental consultant of large mining projects.

He has also performed independent exploration activities and development of projects, leading a team that executed a successful IPO in the Australia Stock Exchange.

Martín Marquardt | Senior Geologyst

Mr. Marquardt has more than 10 years of experience in mining exploration. He has primarily worked as a geologist in the exploration and discovery of IOCG deposits in the Coastal Cordillera of Chile.

He has participated in different stages of development in a mining-exploration project, including the definition of exploration targets, discovery, and geological evaluation of deposits.

As a project geologist in Latin American Copper, Mr. Marquardt was actively involved in the discovery of deposits Dominga and Filipina, and then integrated the founding team of Central Andes Resources and Mineria Activa.

Denis de la Fuente | Technical Manager

Civil Engineer from University of Concepción and Master in Business Management from Adolfo Ibáñez University.

He worked as a Structural Civil Specialty Leader in the Engineering and Construction Management at Arauco and as a Senior Structural Engineer at Bechtel Mining & Metals.

His job is to lead the correct development of the engineering of BioLantanidos Project.

Arturo Albornoz  |  Senior Consultant

Metallurgical Engineer from the University of Concepción and Master in Economics and Minerals from the Technical University of Delft, in the Netherlands. He worked as Development Manager in Antofagasta Minerals and Engineering Manager at Metro de Santiago.

His work is to lead, manage and promote the proper development of BioLantanidos Project.