Representatives of Minera BioLantanidos meet with Seremi of Health

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February 23, 2015
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April 7, 2015

Representatives of Minera BioLantanidos meet with Seremi of Health

On thursday, representatives of Minera BioLantanidos met with the Seremi of Health from the Region of Bío Bío, Mauricio Lemus Careaga, to show him the mining project.

On the occasion, the authority of Government listened to the particularities of the so called “Rare Earths” and its applications, and the processes of prospecting and exploration that the company is developing in lands of the city of Penco.

In this context BioLantanidos Project Manager, Arturo Albornoz, said the meeting was “very interesting” because the Seremi “gave us his impressions of the environmental approval and health requirements regarding the process”. 

To this, the executive added that the regional head “gave a long talk about his vision, which I found interesting,of  the Seremía-company relationship, and we became quite clear the harshness with which today the government is watching projects and firms performance”.

It should be noted, finally, that Minera BioLantanidos was born in the Bío Bío and will become the first national and South American project to explore and extract commercially the so called “Rare Earths”,  whose production is currently dominated 95% for China.