From Bloomberg to International media highlights the work of Minera BioLantanidos

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June 2, 2015
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From Bloomberg to International media highlights the work of Minera BioLantanidos

IMAGE: Álvaro Agüero | Mining BioLantanidos

This week, the renowned financial news agency Bloomberg published on its website a complete article about the work of Minera BioLantanidos (MBL), which highlights the commitment to green mining that the company located in the Bio Bio Region is making.

In the article by journalist Eduardo Thomson, who interviewed the BioLantanidos team in the field, it’s noted that “Elements such as neodymium and dysprosium are contained in clays near the city of Concepcion in concentrations similar to those found in southern China, which has all but cornered global supply until now”.

“While operations in China typically pump ammonium sulfate into the ground and wait for the chemical to seep out with the minerals, at Biolantanidos the plan is to dig out the clay, put it through a tank-leaching process with biodegradable chemicals and return it cleaned to the ground, replanting pine and eucalyptus trees. It may be laborious, but Albornoz is hoping companies such as ThyssenKrupp AG, Apple Inc. and Tomahawk cruise missile maker Raytheon Co. will end up paying a premium, knowing their suppliers aren’t destroying the planet”, said Bloomberg.

Once the news was published on the website of Bloomberg, other international media replicated it in their own websites. One was, which noted in his article that “Chile may be China’s next competitor in the rare earths market”.

“The rare earths industry is about to experience a clean-versus-dirty battle until now only seen among fuel producers, as a Chilean company is stepping up efforts to grab some of that market in a much greener way than China, the world’s top producer of such elements”, said the website.

In adittion, the specialized webpage Popular Science wrote that “With companies like Apple eager to keep an environmentally friendly image (Greenpeace called them the greenest internet tech company this year) it would seem like Chile is backing a winning horse”.

It is noteworthy that BioLantanidos is the first project in Chile and the region devoted entirely to the development of the so-called “Rare Earth,” a set of minerals used in the fabrication of high technology products.

Within the next months the company will debut its Pilot Plant “El Cabrito”, to be located in areas of the chilean city of Penco, which will analyze the various metallurgical processes proposed by MBL for the extraction of lanthanides. In the future, these results will allow the sustainable, secure and responsible development of the first lanthanides commercial plant in South America.