BioLantanidos will become the first trazable, secure and environmentally responsible production company of Heavy and Light Rare Earths (HREE + LREE) outside of China.

BioLantanidos is a Chilean private company and is 100% owned by the private fund FIP Lantanidos, managed by private equity firm Mineria Activa.

BioLantanidos developed a propietary process to extract and produce mixed Rare Earth Oxides (REO), competitive to top quartile producers from China. The process was already tested in an industrial scale pilot plant built at BioLantanidos facilities.

Mineria Activa was created in 2008 to manage private equity investments in the Mining industry, from exploration to production. It currently has assets under management for US$135mm. The company is constantly looking for mining prospects at different stages, from mining property with no studies to productive projects. It seeks control of the projects it gets involved and is focused geographically in Latin America, with special interest in Chile.

Minería Activa has a strong team with experience in Investments, Geology, Mining, Financial and Legal Structuring. It has an in-house full time technical team to execute projects, with a team of 14 Geologists and 4 Mining Engineers among others. The company is a partnership between Activa, Larrain Vial’s private equity arm, and a team of partners with vast experience.

To meet the growing demand, in 2011 the fund Minería Activa decided to invest in BioLantanidos to explore Rare Earth Elements around Chile.

BioLantanidos has recently completed a comprehensive Feasibility Study (FS) for it’s Project, located in the southern Coastal Mountain Range of Chile. This study confirms the viability of the Project and positions the Company as one of the most valuable Heavy and Light Rare Earth Elements (HREE & LREE) supplier outside of China.

After extensive exploration campaigns held by BioLantanidos, an important Ion Adsorption Clay deposit was discovered in the south of Chile. After two years of studying its ore resources and developing technical studies, the Company has decided to go ahead with the development of a rich HREE mining and processing operation in an area located in the Penco District, Concepción, Bío Bío Region, at a distance of 500 [km] from the capital Santiago.