AARES 2015: BioLantanidos Project stands out in important “Rare Earths” Summit in Las Vegas (USA)

From Bloomberg to Mining.com: International media highlights the work of Minera BioLantanidos
June 5, 2015
IMAGE: Minera BioLantanidos
Students from the University of Concepción visits Minera BioLantanidos
October 19, 2015

AARES 2015: BioLantanidos Project stands out in important “Rare Earths” Summit in Las Vegas (USA)

This week representatives of Minería Activa and its project BioLantanidos participated in the Argus Americas Rare Earths Summit (AARES) 2015, one of the most important events in the industry.

In the activity, held between Monday June 29 and Wednesday July 1st at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas (USA), the Chilean entrepreneurs showcased the competitive advantages of their mining initiative compared to others in its category, as well as the progress of the project to date.

In this context Andrés Susaeta, CEO of Minería Activa, announced the attributes of the South American project in a 30-minute presentation entitled “BioLantanidos: The Future Heavy Rare Earths Supply from South America”.

In it, Susaeta referred to the fact that in Chile (specifically in the Region of Bío Bío where BioLantanidos is located) Lanthanides are found in clay, not in rock as in most of the world, making production processes much more affordable and less invasive. After its display, the also founding partner of Minería Activa was cheered by more than 160 delegates attending the conference.

In parallel to the presentation, BioLantanidos had an exclusive stand in its quality as Gold Sponsor, which allowed the company to show videos, brochures and tell details of the initiative to interested parties.

It should be noted, finally, that the summit of Las Vegas also involved major companies in the mining and technological industry such as Ford Motors, Siemens AG, Arnold Magnetics (USA) and Rare Earth Solar, among others.