BioLantanidos is one of the few projects worldwide in conditions of Heavy Rare Earth exploitation from outside of China. The company has discovered, explored and demonstrate the extraction of a high grade Rare Earth Ion Adsorption Clay deposit in Chile, being the lowest extraction cost deposit of this kind known.

The ability of our team to perform with expertise, attention, seriousness, honesty and efficiency at all levels.
The ability of our company to operate under strict standards necessary to preserve personal safety and security.
The ability of our company to meet its requirements for land, water, energy and other elements without compromising third parties, ensuring a balance between economic growth, environmental care and social welfare.


BioLantanidos has consolidated Heavy Rare Earth resources in Penco and Rio Lia districts, both of them in the Biobio Region. Penco is going to be the first project into production and is only 15 km from Concepción, 6 km from Lirquen port, and 500 km south of Santiago, Chile.